Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys: See some of our patients’ before and after photos the next time you visit our practice.

  • This patient was tired of wearing a removable, complete denture. Dr. Deese placed six implants and a porcelin screw-retained prothesis. Now she can live her life without the irritating issues that dentures often present; that's definitely something to smile about!

  • This patient lost his front tooth. With a mouth full of healthy teeth, he wanted to avoid having a bridge made, which would require crowns on the adjacent teeth. We placed an implant topped with a ceramic abutment and crown instead. Now his healthy smile is gap-free!

  • This patient desired ideal proportions while closing the spaces between his teeth. We performed a gum lift and placed Da Vinci Veneers™. Now we have a more natural, fuller smile.

  • This patient wanted to replace old, failing dental amalgams. We simply replaced the silver fillings directly with composite. The teeth now look like their initial healthy state.

  • After years of wearing a complete denture, this patient grew tired of the side effects that came with it: the daily removal and cleansing, and not being able to eat certain foods or truly taste those that he could. He wanted teeth again. Dr. Deese placed eight implants and a screw-retained prosthesis. Now sometimes he forgets that he doesn’t have any natural teeth!

  • This patient just wanted to be able to smile again. In this case, we needed strength and aesthetics. We chose porcelain fused to metal with all-porcelain margins to prevent any “dark lines.” She can’t help but smile now.

  • This patient was tired of her unnatural smile. She was happy with the size and shape, but disliked the “dark lines” and “fake-looking” teeth. All-ceramic crowns gave her a whiter smile and a more youthful appearance.

  • This patient had soft drink stains and decay on her front teeth. She was happy with shape, size, and color of her teeth; she only desired the staining to disappear. We used conservative bonding to do just that.

  • This patient was tired of the chipping away of her teeth and the old mismatched fillings. We placed eight E-Max all ceramic crowns for strength and aesthetics. She can smile with confidence now.

  • This patient finally got tired of her long-term tetracycline stain. We were able to cover the stain with ceramic crowns that give her an improved look and outlook.

  • This patient was unhappy with her unnatural, fake-looking two front teeth. The existing crowns were too long and gave her “rabbit teeth”. We removed the older porcelain fused to metal crowns and replaced them with all-porcelain E-Max™ crowns. Now only the patient and I know her two front teeth have been crowned.